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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a range of skills, techniques, and processes that we use to support a person’s ability to engage in, manage, cope or resolve their own conflicts. Delivered by a neutral third party it helps people to talk about their situation such that they can consider a range of options for managing the conflict and evolving a process and strategy to help them deal with it. Whilst often a stand-alone process, it can be used in a mediation during the individual separate sessions.

We usually offer up to 3 sessions, each of up to an hour in length.

Conflict Coaching can be used to help approach a range of circumstances including workplace, family, community and business conflicts. We provide a confidential service, listening to people’s issues and assisting them develop a practical way to deal with the conflict. We do this by helping the person achieve greater clarity &understanding about their situation. This helps them to make effective decisions to manage the conflict and their responses to it. We often help people rehearse difficult conversations so that they feel more prepared, confident and empowered to deal with them.
Conflict coaching can be used when: Parties are reluctant or indicating an unwillingness to mediate; To prepare a client for a mediation process; Post mediation; or in the aftermath of formal processes such as an investigation ordisciplinary action.

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